G.W. Bush Library Achieves LEED Platinum, Extensive Resources Open To The Public

The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum opened to the public on the Southern Methodist University campus in Dallas, Texas earlier this month. It, of course, houses a library which each president has dedicated after his service, as well as a museum and archives devoted to Bush’s presidency. It was built with environmental consciousness in mind and earned LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum – the highest certification for new construction from the U.S. Green Building Council upon its completion.

The expansive 226,000 square foot building was designed by Robert A. M. Stern Architects and built by Manhattan Construction, using 20% recycled content and many materials sourced within 500 miles of its location. Permian sea coral limestone was brought in from Midland, TX, the Bushes’ hometown. Other local materials used include Texas mesquite hardwood flooring, Texas Cordova cream limestone, and paving from Lueders, a small town in Read more…

Are Students Addicted to Social Media?

Social media is a way of social interaction between people, organizations and communities. It mediates human relation with different organizations and brings people together for dialogue. Social media has a significant role in society and today it has the power to influence thoughts of people and students are definitely no exception. In today’s scenario, the question “Are the students addicted to social media?” has a certain answer and that answer is yes.

According to experts from SolidEssay.com, students feel connected to social media in any way and somehow they are addicted to it now. It is hard for them to spend even a single day without using any media like mobile phones, TV, Internet, etc. If they are believed to live without these things, they will definitely get frustrated. A recent study was conducted to check whether the students are addicted to social media or not. Graduating students Read more…

5 Small Habit Changes for a Better Tomorrow

One of the hardest things to break is a habit. Whether it’s a good one or a bad one, once it has been formed, it can be nearly impossible to reverse. That being said, if you were to try and reverse a habit, the best way to do so is by taking easy baby steps, one at a time.

When we think of conserving energy and resources, we tend to think of time consuming and costly changes that we need to make. While those changes can definitely help for the better, there are quite a few little things that can be done to help conserve energy and resources that really take little to no effort other than the gradual changing of habits.

Turn the heat down- The purpose of heating or cooling your home is to create a comfortable temperature for the people inside of it. Why bother spending the money Read more…

Crochet Donations: Charities That Warm the Heart

What’s artistic, unique, handmade and practical as winter nears? Hats, scarves, mittens and the like, of course. So you really can’t go wrong — unless you make a really hideous hat — with crocheting these needed winter items; especially when you donate them to charity. Soldiers’ Angels makes sure “No Veteran Goes Unloved!” The VA Crochet & Craft Team makes and sends lapghans (blankets), hats, scarves, bibs, catheter bag covers, ditty bags, wheelchair/walker totes and slipper socks to Veterans Administration medical facilities around the United States.

There are many worthy organizations to donate to — use caution when donating online, and certainly keep be sure to protect your social security number and banking information with some kind of identity protection service. When you are all secure and ready to start giving, remember that outside of a plate of home-baked cookies, there might be few gifts that are more heartwarming to a Read more…

5 Topics That Socially Conscious Citizens Should Be Aware Of

Listening to the local news, browsing on Facebook, and talking to friends about politics hardly meets the standards of a socially conscious citizen. In order to take initiative about the things that matter the most to each individual, it is crucial to remain socially conscious of the world around them and current events within this society. For those who haven’t remained up-to-date on current events, here’s an overview of what is going on in society today:

ESPN’s Olympic Body Issue: In preparation for the Olympics, which being in just a few weeks, ESPN has recruited the hottest athletes participating in this year’s competition to bare it all for audiences in their body issue. This issue features athletes of all shapes and sizes doing what they do best: capturing the strength of the human body in photograph.
Economy: Recently, merchants have been hounded for their future plans of slapping a surcharge on any Read more…

Nike: Working Towards a Better World

Sports have always been an important part of my life.

Whether it’s basketball, baseball, tennis, football, swimming, running or soccer, I’ve always been involved in sports in some aspect or the other.

Playing sports has kept me fit and out of trouble. It’s taught me individual (strength, perseverance) & team (interpersonal, collaboration) skills.

Most importantly, sports have taught me responsibility.

My actions (big or small), always have an impact on myself, teammates and the game. By being accountable, it’s forced me to always strive to become better.

Better World

Nike is a brand that’s synonymous with sports.

Seek high performance in any sport, and you’ll find a Nike product that is specifically designed to help you do better.

In recent years however, Nike has opened up its “better” focus towards positively impacting society, and the environment.

Earlier this year, Nike launched its corporate responsibility micro-site “Nike: Better World” with one mission: Make the world better through sport.

Start of by Read more…

Paint It (RED)

What’s found in stores, socially responsible, and (RED) all over?

In our society, shopping has become somewhat of a sport. Black Friday deal-hunting crowds make headlines and entire television shows are dedicated to the premise of coupon collecting. Surely we are all motivated by getting the most ‘bang for our buck’. So, what about the possibility of changing a life while you pick up a new t-shirt? Funding the donation of antiretroviral drugs to AIDS inflicted communities at the same time you buy a new iPod? To me that seems like the ultimate bargain.

This is the very premise of (RED). (RED) is all about letting our purchasing power speak for those who do not have it. It’s about recognizing our ability to choose what we buy and picking the product that can bring about positive change.

In the beginning

(RED) was created by musical artist Bono in conjunction with Bob Shriver, activist and politician. It came Read more…

Got Some Change? Introducing: Small Change Fund

Small Change Fund is an unique Canadian charity using small change to make a big difference in communities from coast to coast, and around the world.  It represents an important trend in crowd funding that uses an innovative model of online giving that empowers individual donors to support grassroots groups. As co-founder Ruth Richardson states, “We’re tapping into individuals that together can make a huge impact. We wanted to bust it open and make grassroots projects visible and accessible to anybody”.

Ruth also emphasizes, there’s no other organization like Small Change Fund in Canada. The Small Change approach gives concrete answers to some of the most pressing questions that face donors. Where does my money go? What is the outcome? Why does it matter? It also tackles the often-insurmountable challenges faced by community groups. How do we raise money? How can we spread our message? What media tools will raise our Read more…