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Privacy policy

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Our blog is tracked using Google Analytics. This includes logging how you found the site, how you explored it, and how long you stayed around for. All this information is only compiled with the rest of the visitors to this website – it cannot be used to identify you personally.

Some options on the site let you enter an email address. Rest assured that your email address will only ever be used for the purpose you provide it for (it will never be sold) – and if you’re signing up for regular newsletters or blog updates, you will always need to “opt-in” a second time by clicking a confirmation link in a special email to you.

If you’ve got any questions or concerns about anything related to your personal privacy when using the site, just send an email to us.

Comments policy

We love your comments – In fact, they represent the ideas, thoughts and insight of The Socially Conscious Blog’s community. If you want to comment, you are more than welcome to. However, please remember that you are addressing the community so please keep your message positive and relevant.

If we feel that your comment is offensive (aggressive language, racist comments, distasteful, etc) we will remove it.

We delete spam – Generally our spam filters will catch the majority of automated spam comments. However if any spam slips through, we delete them instantly.

We encourage relevant links – If you’re leaving a comment on one of our articles and wish to highlight a link on your own or someone else’s site that is relevant to the topic, then please feel free to do so. It adds to the conversation and elevates the blog. However, if you leave a comment with a link in it that has no relevance to the article you are commenting on, it may be deleted.

If you engage in posting irrelevant links or spam, we would strongly encourage you to think about the impact that such an approach has upon your influence and opinion. Build your blog’s profile through genuine interactions and participation on The Socially Conscious Blog – but spam linking is unacceptable and will damage your interaction within our community.

In the end, we are trying to promote an environment of passion, growth and positivity and politely ask you to join us in doing the same.


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