Pepsi: From Super Bowl Ads to Refreshing Lives

At the beginning of this year (2010) when I heard that Pepsi was not going to put in a Super Bowl ad, I was pretty shocked as I reminisced on the great Pepsi vs. Coke advertising battles.

Advertisements. People may hate them, but I love them!

For those of you in North America, watching the Super Bowl also meant watching some of the best of the best adverts of the year on TV. A successful 30 second Ad during the game meant instant iconic pop-culture status – a brand’s dream.

Now that you understand my surprise, you can appreciate why I was even more shocked when I heard that, instead of spending $20 million on Super Bowl ads, Pepsi decided to put their money into Pepsi Refresh – an online platform/marketing campaign which solicits the best ideas from consumers, and in return, donates up to $20 million in grants to good causes and Read more…