Homeless Nation: An Online Home For Those Who Have None

Their stories rushed into Daniel Cross’s camera, filling Montreal’s streets with the echo of their passions, struggles, and dreams. They had a voice far beyond his films, and Cross was determined not to lose it. He knew they needed a home, an outlet for self-expression, the freedom to voice their opinions, a place to connect and learn, and a space to share the thousands of stories packed inside his cameras.

They needed Homeless Nation

A Website By and For the Homeless

Founded by documentary filmmaker Daniel Cross, Homeless Nation is the first and only non-profit website in the world by and for the street community. As such, the website serves as a virtual home where all are welcome, and is dedicated to sharing the stories of Canada’s homeless community, a virtual home that creates equal access to online media, a space to learn and share truths with the help of audio and Read more…