A Declaration of Interdependence: The David Suzuki Foundation

Have you ever considered owning the future?

Not physically, but shaping the experience of your descendants through your actions. If you haven’t, consider this: You’re doing it right now and, I would argue, Dr. David Suzuki understood this concept even before the creation of the Declaration of Interdependence for his self-titled organization, the David Suzuki Foundation.

“We are one brief generation in the long march of time; the future is not ours to erase” – The David Suzuki Organization

David Suzuki’s connection to the environment began years before the foundation’s inception in 1990. From the creation of award winning TV shows like ‘A Planet for the Taking’ and radio programs like ‘It’s a Matter of Survival’, David Suzuki has been instrumental in Canadian environmental efforts. It was through this radio program that Dr. David Suzuki communicated his own thoughts verbally similar to Silent Spring, a novel Read more…