5 Topics That Socially Conscious Citizens Should Be Aware Of

Listening to the local news, browsing on Facebook, and talking to friends about politics hardly meets the standards of a socially conscious citizen. In order to take initiative about the things that matter the most to each individual, it is crucial to remain socially conscious of the world around them and current events within this society. For those who haven’t remained up-to-date on current events, here’s an overview of what is going on in society today:

ESPN’s Olympic Body Issue: In preparation for the Olympics, which being in just a few weeks, ESPN has recruited the hottest athletes participating in this year’s competition to bare it all for audiences in their body issue. This issue features athletes of all shapes and sizes doing what they do best: capturing the strength of the human body in photograph.
Economy: Recently, merchants have been hounded for their future plans of slapping a surcharge on any Read more…