Want to write for us?

Thanks for your interest. We’d love nothing more than for you to contribute to The Socially Conscious Blog.

However, before doing so, we’d like you to read a few of our guidelines and policies. Yeah, we know they’re boring – but it’s important.

The Socially Conscious Blog Posts are Positive

Our focus here at the Socially Conscious Blog is to raise awareness for the many initiatives doing exceptional jobs using the web.

We want our readers to not only learn about these causes, but also provide them with useful, helpful and actionable information that shows them how they can get involved.

The first step is to know the ins and outs of what you are discussing with the reader. By being an expert you have a better chance to educate and inform people how these causes are making a positive impact on the world.

●   Have you come across a foundation solving a problem in the world and you understand how they did it? Teach people about it and show them its impact and how they too can contribute.

●   Do you believe in a cause? Investigate every corner of the initiative and present your opinions for a positive change with clear and effective content.

The Socially Conscious Blog Posts are Unique

We love it when you submit your own content because that provides us with a fresh approach to our goals through different views and opinions. Our readers [yes, our readers are yours too!] can acknowledge new content that may be unique to this site and will keep them coming back for more.

●   Innovate. Find ideas, initiatives, causes, people who are truly doing something unique. Using the Internet, they are truly tapping into the global audience and really making a difference.

●   Be original and unique. Go through our archives and figure out whom we haven’t written about yet – beat us to the punch. Challenge us – and in the process challenge our readers with a fresh idea.

●   We like interesting posts. Tell a story, use a great metaphor, or write some thought-provoking material. You can even write on controversial topics if you’d like. But please remember to keep it positive and sensible.

The Socially Conscious Blog Posts Are Relevant

Our focus is on initiatives making things happen, now – so that our audience can not only learn about, but get involved in issues immediately.

●   Make sure your post topic fits into the scope of this blog. If you need to, read some of our recent posts and skim through the archives to get a good feel for what we are looking for in your writing.

●   Mold your idea into something applicable. If you want to write about the latest cause, that’s great. That’s what we are here for – but make sure that your post is clear about how this cause will help awareness and its relevance to our readers.

The Socially Conscious Blog Posts Are Well-Written

At The Socially Conscious Blog, we focus on high-quality content that is of strong significance to the readers. Our readers rely on us to put forth only the best.

●   We are picky over what we put up on the blog. Your posts need to have proper grammar, punctuation, style and develop a feeling and tone with the reader. We strongly suggest running spell checks on your work.

●   Edit your post well. Sure, we have our own editor here at The Socially Conscious blog, but we would like to keep your originality and feel. We recommend taking your time over your work and make sure it is as polished as possible.

●   Our editor might edit your work prior to its publication. Please do not be offended as we may make changes like improving titles, correcting flow or cutting content for length consideration.

●   Use good structure and proper paragraph spacing. Use bullet points when relevant and make sure your sentence flow helps the reader gain value from your post.

●   Have a strong finish. The conclusion is one of the most neglected areas of guest posts. Please end your post well and summarize with a good bang that encourages conversation and action.

Extra-Helpful Basics

●   Our audience is Internet-savvy, and many are looking to get involved so keep in mind the positive effect of the world wide web when writing for readers who want to put words to action.

●   We like internal linking, so if possible, please include a link or two to a relevant post on our blog.

●   Relevant logos, screenshots and video help our audience identify with the brand and keeps your post interesting. Content that matches to your post is necessary – please send it to us as attachments or web links.

●   Submit your posts in Word .doc format, and try to use HTML markup within your content – that makes our job fast and easy, and we’ll appreciate you for it.

●   Please credit all sources, assets and use common sense.

●   Your post must be original work.

●   A guest post is a contribution that you give away. If your article is accepted, you grant a license for The Socially Conscious Blog to be the exclusive publisher. You may republish extracts – for example, on your own site – but the article in its entirety should not appear elsewhere.

●   If your article is accepted, you consent to the full article, extracts, samples or examples appearing in other The Socially Conscious Blog products and/or services under your accreditation.


Now that you’ve read all the ‘fine print’ and you’re all set to go, send our editor-in-chief — Shawn (shawn (at) the sociallyconsciousblog.org) a quick bio of yourself, the category you’re passionate about, and a few links to some of your writing.

What next? Sit back, relax and we’ll make sure Shawn replies to you!

Thank you. Shawn & TSCB look forward to your email.

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